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Leeds city itself has a population of approximately 500,000.

We realise many of you are very disappointed and have been waiting to hear back from us.

Now that we’ve gone through all your feedback, we’d like to take the time to address two specific questions you’ve been asking: Why did we close Friends & Dating?

The modern city of Leeds is undergoing a deep transformation and has not yet reached its full glory.

Leeds singles can take heart and be inspired to find love in Leeds.

Leeds, considered the capital of the north by locals, is one of the great muscular industrial cities of the world.

It was fired in the furnaces of the industrial revolution and is now a modern, well-connected city plugged into the global network.

The city draws professionals to work from a commuting area of 751 square miles.

Leeds is a massive, thriving city, ranked third in the UK in terms of population and second as a commercial and financial centre.

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