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Overall, a humorous drama full of exquisite food (I'm a foodie). Hope she moved on and went with her original anti-fan. I am sad to find out that Daeyoung has a new life and new bae in season 2. I remember kicking by pillows everytime Daeyoung and Sookyung would hold hands/kiss/ or have cute moments. Let's just ignore season 2 and continue the story of the first season in season. They should have not made season 2 if the leads are gonna get changed.viewers dont want happy ending too turn into something bad or something diff. Wish that they can make season 3 with same cast of season 1..

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Koo Dae-Young (Yoon Doo-Joon) is a gourmet, especially talented with describing the taste of foods. The only complain I have for this drama is its strong point, THE LENGTH. It's hilarious..i really want Dae Young to end up with Jin Yi because they are so cute together... I've enjoyed every eating scene and the food really look delicious.. I had to watch scene with him eating at Jin Yi's apartment twice!! Picnics, hiking, walks in the park, watching videos and lots of free concerts or other stuff to do---not to mention Dutch treat. Financial situations improve so it's just about waiting it out. I totally ship him and Jinyi XD I hope he doesn't turn out bad T^T (but remember they did that to Doyoung at first as well, made us suspect he might be the bad guy) You may change your mind about the delivery guy when you see the next episode, people. him and jin yi were totally flirting and i liked it.. Its too funny that SK has been used to pay the debt for her mother. i want her to be with the younger man but at this episode i can see the overflow love from her boss but unfortunately she cant and didnt realize a pity.should confess to her earlier.she has both?

He often lies when he opens his mouth, but he is usually considerate to others. i 'm really mad with asianwiki because my previous comment hasn't come out . this drama is super fun and exciting what a great ending. I mean because it was short & sweet I wouldn't mind watching it AGAIN but the length and the romance build-up (which was subtle yet short and that girly part of me wanted more scenes!! Now that they caught the real perpetrator of the crimes, I'm wondering what the little delivery guy is up to? Remember h talked about his father going out of business? I can't wait for the next episode but too bad, this drama is only aired once a week.. Love this drama..i m so curious to know who's the suspicious man. And to all you DYs out there, if a lady doesn't want to wait it out, there's another sweet person who is willing to. Behind that sweet, innocent face may lurk a devious individual. I am soooo curious about why anyone wants to do harm to SK. Is he a high achiever so that Dad will be proud if him? DY will take this opportunity to get closer- I can tell he's already into her. lol.Doo Joon seems doesnt have any feelings toward her so do Soo Kyung toward her ex-boss.oh why they only has one episode per week?? I totally love this drama for soooo many reasooonss the maiiinn one is becausee of Doo Joo c; Also the atorney is jusst faabbb, the girls are funny and cute the way they act is jusst perfect however am really confused i mean i want Lee soo khyun to be with doo joo but i feeel horrible for the atorney :' instead of soo kyung with dae young..honestly, i'm more prefer soo kyung with her boss, hak moon...while dae young together with jin yi..btw, look forward for the ending.. Cute leading actors, cute dog, cute sound effects, cute eating expressions. If I could criticize it at all it would be to have the crimes be less serious--thievery or voyeurism, for instance.

Their plan has never looked better than it does today.

Since Wentz tore his left ACL in Game 13, the burden of winning shifted ever more to the defense, and Cox has been its postseason power plant.“During the regular season, you’re kind of methodically going about your business,” Pederson said.“Then you get closer to the playoffs, guys begin to hone in and focus in.” This has been building.

After Girlfriends, Sharp had guest starring roles on The Game, Cold Case, Melissa & Joey, Elementary and The Exes.

From 2010 to 2012, she was regular cast member on the TBS sitcom, Are We There Yet?

Later that year, Sharp began starring as Trish Murtaugh in the Fox police comedy-drama series, Lethal Weapon.

Sharp has appeared in films include American Adobo (2002), Why Did I Get Married?

And I want to share comment from Suri: "If anyone wonders what that simple premise was just read the rice poetry at the final scene of S1. The poem is the reason why S2 does not exist in my world of KDramas. Favorably an interestingly anticipating and easy-to-watch drama I have seen this year. Like they need to make another season or something. Jin yi and Gwangseok : DD It was a somewhat unfortunately short drama. Attny Kim was so gracious, I really wanted him to be loved by Soo-Kyung. Why cannot an unattractive and different looking woman believe herself to be desirable! He had both arms to grab onto SK and land a good kiss, and instead, kisses the dog, and gets interrupted by KM. After teasing us for 15 episodes, was that the best you could do for an ending between those two? its not only soo kyung unni falling for your smile, please count me too I remembered your smile my whole day its utter nonsense to have such obsession with a person so far but i am just human :) Doo Joon you are soooooooooooooooooooo awesome in this drama. Wish I met you in real life, life would be sooo exciting. He's a good actor and has a very big potential to be better.

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