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Alot of people there do have internet and also do use the chat lines.

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Actually I know quite a bit about Cuba, this will be my 6th trip.

I am well aware of their economic situation and at the same time aware of their ability to internet access. Well now cuba is not in the 1890's like so many think they are!

Guests can make use of the services of both hotels, such as breakfast.

The Florida has a popular piano bar for nighttime entertainment.

Are you planning to visit several destinations on the island? With Cuba Travel Network, you can book your transfers to and from any of the major airports in Cuba, or between hotels located at different points of the archipelago.

You can request a transfer during your online hotel booking, or through our travel agents.

Upper floor rooms surround a rooftop terrace and provide such an unparalleled peaceful atmosphere, some guests even sunbathe here.

Located on a vibrant Old Havana street, Calle O’Reilly, halfway between Plaza de Armas (to the east) and Parque Central (to the west).

I love Cuba and its you really loves cubans, why dont you come a have a great vacation this summer , i will promise to you that you will never forgotten this summer day.i will prepared to you a great hospitality and a lot of on joing me and i promise to you have a good time here. If you stay at the tourist hotels expect a rip off. I go to Cuba all the time I have met many Americans there.

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