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Welcome to the FOX News Ticker, a free, stand-alone application that gives you the latest headlines directly on your desktop, without having to open a browser.

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Navigation The top row of buttons on the Ticker (Top Stories, Politics, Business, FOX Life, Views, Coming Up on FNC) will take you directly to the top 5 headlines in that section within the Ticker. The numbers will cycle through the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P numbers.

Click anywhere in that area and you can quickly access our Business section, which will launch in a new browser window.

Secondly, ask your network administrator if you can be taken off the proxy or if the proxy can be set to not cache files. If they occur, they should be fixed within an hour (but usually within minutes). We do not install advertising modules or 'spyware' that can track your Web surfing habits or anything else you might not know about.

Your connection to the Internet was lost when your computer went to sleep, was turned off, or was unplugged. If you consistently notice you aren't getting fresh headlines, however, the problem is probably not on our end. If you feel you may have spyware from another company installed on your machine, please visit Spy Checker or Ad-Aware and check for yourself.

As noted below the numbers, the market data is delayed 20 minutes.

If the markets are closed, the closing data will be displayed.

(If you don't find this line, Netscape may already be configured as your default browser.) Start Netscape Communicator.

You are prompted to set Netscape Navigator as your default Web browser. Terms The FOX News Ticker is provided to you "as is." FOX News does not guarantee that the software is without errors, viruses and/or defects, but we have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the software contains no errors, viruses or defects.

In some networked environments, your network administrator will not allow you to modify your system software, add third-party plug-ins to your browser, and other things that may increase the functionality (but potentially decrease the safety) of your machine.

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