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In fact, the Book of Life would have to be wiped nearly clean of the great majority of names if the HRM is correct in their doctrine.

To these consequences the HRM must reply with a resounding “yes”.

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Please check the following of what their fellowships are.

119 Ministries has a Hebrew Roots Map (Plugged In tab).

Therefore, every prayer that was prayed by godly men such as , and everyone before and since those mighty men of prayer prayed in vain.

Further, it means that the multiple thousands of souls that they won to Christ were won in vain.

Professing Christians that succumb to that error apparently do not consider the consequences of it, namely that most Christians throughout history (that had a New Testament) did not know the true Gospel.

Did all of these believers enter hell because they did not keep the Mosaic Law’s diet requirements, Sabbaths, and other regulations and rules?, Charlottsville, Virginia Yaakov's Flock, central Ohio Yahad (Essene Study Group), with Jackson Snyder, Skype, Vero Beach, Florida Yahwah Apostolic Ministries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Yahweh's Assembly in Messiah, Rocheport, Missouri (split from Assemblies of Yahweh in 1980s) Yahweh's Assembly in Yahshua, Kingdom City, Missouri (split from YAIM in 1985, was called Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly, 1985 to 2006) Yahweh's Congregation, Jefferson, South Carolina Yahweh's Evangelical Assembly, Atlanta, Texas Yahweh's Frytown Assembly, Myerstown, Pennsylvania Yahweh's Messianic Fellowship, Zeeland, Michigan Yahweh's Philadelphia Truth Congregation, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Yahwah's Restoration Ministry, Holts Summit, Missouri (split from YAIY in 1998) Yeshiva Ha Nateev (House of Study), Fort Worth, Texas Yeshua Ha Mashiach Messianic Congregation, Mesa, Arizona There are assemblies, congregations, tabernacles, temples, etc.of Yahuah, Yahuwah, Yahweh, Yahshua, or are messianic, etc. See also SAY page 6 Assembly of YHWH Elohim is a parent organization to many assemblies Messianic Covenant Community has an online directory Paleotimes Guide and Fellowship list Assembly of Yah list 1 and List 2 Messianic Congregations in Colorado Messianic Congregations all over the World from the Messianic Times Messianic Times Bringing feastgoers together, locations for the Feast of Tabernacles and cybercast links The Nazarite Site has a directory of messianic organizations (see below) With the power of the internet, some sites have member directories of individuals, or groups, that have messianic beliefs.At the bottom are online fellowships that you can join that could show messianic believers near you.Agudat Bris Covenant Fellowship, Sydney, Australia Beit Kodesh (Hebrew Roots Congregation), Norwich, England Bible Student, Unveiling Bible Truths, Beersel, Belgium Congregation of Yahweh, Nottingham, England (and Blyth, Bulwell, Chelmsford & London, Derby, and Hitchin) The Congregation of Yahweh's Witnesses, Eket, Nigeria Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh, Kenya (also for India and USA) Messianic Evangelicals, Arvika, Sweden, uses the luni-solar calendar Seek What is Truth, Pictou, Canada Set Apart People, Netherlands Shalom House, Nova Scotia, Canada Yahweh's Nova Scotia Assembly, Newcastle Upon Tyne (Dewsbury, and more?They claim that this passage is not about the Mosaic Law’s regulations, but about punishment.

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