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But Chief Magistrate Mary-Louise Hribal said the charges were too serious for his bail to continue.

(She wasn’t saying) ‘Oh my God this is what I’ve just been through, poor me’.

It was just the focus of, ‘Listen to me, here’s my story, this is why, this is how and this is who, go get them’.”Ms Moir had paid attention to minute details during her horrific nightmare, telling Ms Hancock the movie was in the cassette player and although her captors used false names in front of her, she remembered a name she saw on a medicine bottle — David Birnie.

It was November 10, 1986 and Constable Laura Hancock, 22, had never taken a statement before, let alone from a rape victim, when she was tasked with interviewing 17-year-old Kate Moir — who turned out to be the only victim to survive the killing spree of deranged couple David and Catherine Birnie, who had terrorised Perth that past month.

Ms Moir’s courageous escape and the policewoman’s persistent demands that her superiors to take the teen’s story seriously led police to crack one of Australia’s most notorious serial killing cases.

Ms Moir even told Ms Hancock she had drawn pictures and hidden them in the house so that someone would know she had been there.

During various points in the interview, Ms Hancock left the room to plead the teenager’s case with her senior colleagues.

The court heard the man's offending was "not restrictive in age", with those targeted aged from 11 to 60 years old. The court heard the man also allegedly filmed sexual partners between November 2015 and July 2016.

Ms Duong successfully argued for the man's home detention bail to be revoked, telling the court that more charges had been laid against him since the last hearing. The man's lawyer, Craig Caldicott, said according to a psychiatric report his client was at low risk of reoffending.

Ms Hancock said it was emotional parting ways with Ms Moir, with the pair only reuniting more than three decades later for their first interview together.“It was extremely emotional to be able to give back someone their child, but unfortunately we weren’t able to do that with the others,” she said.

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