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He usually gives information for his own enjoyment, and he claims to love the entire human race, excluding Shizuo Heiwajima. However, he's also described by the same characters as appearing mischievous or otherwise unsavory.

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Up until middle school in Raijin Academy, Izaya was a model student: the vice president of the elementary student council, the star at sports meetings, and winning independent research awards, poetry awards, slogan awards, and participating in essay contests.

This, combined with his good looks and a respectable family, made him well known, especially with his girl classmates.

So I guess the best part of the evening was that it was not only clothes-free, it was also drinks-for-free.

Izaya Orihara (折原 臨也, Orihara Izaya) is a powerful and skilled underground information broker. He is repeatedly described as a fragile looking, handsome man with a beautiful face by other characters in the novels.

But Izaya enjoyed being a step away from his surroundings.

He knew he was a top student, however, he didn't think the people around him were idiots and didn't look down on them.Although Izaya enjoys conflict, often showing up wherever there is potential for one, he usually stays out of it, preferring to observe the fight instead of directly taking part in it.However, when provoked, he quickly puts his opponent in his place by simply proving his superiority without actually beating the other person.Izaya likes to start fights with Shizuo and let Shizuo chase him around.When Mikado Ryuugamine first came to Ikebukuro, Izaya was one of the people Masaomi Kida warned him to stay away from, simply describing Izaya as "dangerous," while in both the original light novel series and manga, he instead confirmed that Izaya was not "dangerous" per se, but more like "unstable." He's a person most of the characters, himself included, could never trust, because they never know what he could or would do.We sat down as normally as possible at one of the tables, continuing our conversation, and in a moment the waitress came along.

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