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Dad always had been a good dad to me, but it had been obvious for a while that something was wrong between my parents.Dad was away at the office a lot, and eventually he confessed to mom that he'd been having an affair with his 24-year old secretary. Fortunately, my parents were able to negotiate an amicable settlement, and the divorce was granted within 9 months of the separation without too much acrimony. I was enrolled at a local college, and I also worked part-time selling TVs and computers at the local Best Deal store.I had inherited my mom's fondness for running, so as often as I could I put on my running shoes, exited the house, and headed to the hills to run.

I'd always known my way around computers, phones, and other devices, and I also knew how to persuade people to do things, so it was a good job for me.

I didn't make enough to support myself and put myself through college completely, but it helped a lot to lighten the burden for mom and dad, and it gave me some discretionary income. We lived in a one-story, ranch-style house in a suburban area on the fringe of a large city. Mom got someone to keep her company after the separation and to help take care of a house too big for one.

The word "hot" escaped my lips in a breathy whisper as I ran to catch up with her. When I was about 50 yards from her, I suddenly noticed something. I had seen my mom in running outfits before, as she left the house. I was close enough to her now that I could see the cheeks of her butt clenching with every stride under tight-fitting shorts. I looked at mom with her face toward the setting sun and a scrubby oak tree behind her. She smiled without opening her mouth and her eyes shined. "Thanks for indulging me." "You're welcome," she said.

Both of us ran for several minutes like that: her ahead of me, running slowly, and me, running faster and closing the distance between us. It startled me so much that it almost stopped me cold. But I never had seen her running, out on the road, or on the trails. Nor had I recognized this particular running outfit. I saw the thinness of her waist, and the V-shape of her lean but muscular back from waist to shoulders. But I also felt the same thrill I got from looking at any sexy woman. I thought you were working this afternoon." She gave me a big smile, full of white teeth. Even after running several miles and working up a sweat, mom was a beauty. "Just promise me you'll delete it if I look terrible." "That's not possible," I said.

I picked up my pace, estimating I would catch up to her in a few minutes if I kept doing so. I confess I had a mild fetish for women in running outfits.

As a former high school cross-country runner, I had been around runners of both sexes for a long time, and I had developed a keen eye for the way shorts and tops hugged and set off a woman's limbs and curves. This woman's stride was both fluid and feral, like that of an animal to whom running came naturally. Mom was in a chatty mood, and we talked steadily the next few miles about my schoolwork and about recent movies.

I never asked her, but I guessed, from what I could see on the Internet as a reference point, that her bust size was in the neighborhood of a firm, perky C-cup.

I knew that when she had been in high school she'd been voted homecoming princess, and it was easy to see why, with her long, wavy, darkish blond hair, full lips, and bottle-green eyes.

" It annoyed me to hear him say it, because I didn't like to think of her that way, and I didn't want my friends to think or talk about her that way, either. Mason and Alex said the same thing, over and over and over again.

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