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Definitely bring an unlocked cell phone (get a SIM card after arrival in the main tourist office off Ingólfstorg square), though you probably won’t use it since one-night stands are the way to go.If you have some money to blow and get excited by landscapes and touristy things, then Iceland will satisfy your craving.Besides Blue Lagoon, there are several day tours where you can view glaciers, geysers, mountains, and whales.

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Unless you’re into chubby chasing, you’ll definitely have to move your ass to get laid with what you think of as a pretty Icelandic girl.

To make it happen, I recommend a two-weekend stay, which if you start on a Thursday would be a minimum of ten days.

Disappointingly, there were some Icelandic guys who even had my dark hair color and beard.

The tiny population of the country (less than half a million) means that no one is more than one connection away from anyone else.

There were very few guys like me who had come mainly to pillage the women.

If you’re thinking of visiting because you want to stand out, I have some bad news: Iceland is a tourist-plagued country, especially with visitors from Northern and Western European countries, though the closing of an American air force base several years ago has helped make Americans slightly novel once again.

By the time you roll up on cute little Inga, she will have met dozens of guys just like you.

While that fact in no way should discourage you from going, don’t for a second think you’re visiting some type of isolated tribe in the Amazon that will be amazed by your steel tools and exotic spices.

Above the domestic airport is a park and a lake, and then a square called Austurvöllur, which is in front of the Althingi parliament building. If you’re not ready to pony up the cash to stay in a nearby hotel or apartment (no hostels! English is widely spoken, even by old people, so there’s no need to bone up on your Icelandic (the girls won’t even give you bonus points for saying a few words in their language).

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