Ido drent dating

'” because his resemblance to the beloved late INXS frontman is “quite uncanny at times”.And it's not just physical similarities; Arnold has perfected the Hutch strut, international accent and mannerisms.

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Bella moved in with Emma (Amy Usherwood) and Kylie (Kerry-Lee Dewing) and in February 2014, began to date Dallas Adams (Cameron Jones).

The two got engaged but Bella decided she had not properly grieved for Luke enough to get married again and the two broke up.

“I was tapping away during the scene as if I was practising at home,” he recalls, “and that kinda worked 'cause – I didn't know about this, but Jon had requested that whoever plays him has to have at least played the drums along the line.” As cranks through the venue soundsystem, hearing Hutchence's original snarling vocal makes his presence felt somehow.

Onstage, Arnold's a bit more buff than the naturally streamlined Hutchence, but the actor has clearly done his homework. While filming this project, she says Arnold “has these weird moments where you go, 'Woah!

Following her mother and grandfather's death, she returned as a personal assistant after taking grievance leave, and had stuck by Boyd during his Fentich Polymer ordeal.

She also inherited Dayna's role as manager and shareholder of The IV Cafe and IV Cafe.Bella arrived to the hospital when it was revealed she had been dropped from her prestigious beauty course for burning a man's face.She quickly gained the job of receptionist and developed an intense crush on Brodie Kemp (Ari Boyland).Sometimes though, her eagerness to relate to people means she rubs them up the wrong way. He likes to see her happy and is determined to cheer her up ...Bella's personality brings life to the room," Hugh Sundae of The New Zealand Herald, compared Bella to past character, Gina Rossi-Dodds (Josephine Davison), stating that Bella was, "Forever alternating between dropping clangers and joining the dots. Luke is over the moon when he thinks he has the answer to Bella's problems.Art is also a love that they share and can bond over." Bella ended up winning a competition that would see their wedding paid for, Reid explained, "She was very excited about it.

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