Importance of validating feelings azdg dating and flirting in germany

She was grateful, relieved and had learned a very important lesson about being responsible for keeping the bedroom door shut if she let the cat in.

Just to let you know, after we talked about the hamster incident, Briana saw that cat and went outside to apologize.

An overview of Valerie Porr’s Book Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder: A Family Guide for Healing and Change (2010).* Families must try new strategies especially when their loved one refuses to get help.

Feelings in children that are suppressed, express themselves in a wide variety of misbehavior.

Children who are allowed to feel their feelings, and helped by their parents to identify their feelings and learn from them, are learning the skills to deal with life in a responsible way.

None of these ways validate a child’s feelings; in fact they are the opposite.

Any time that you deny what the person is feeling they are not being validated.In other words people with BPD have difficulties regulating several, if not all, their emotions.” There is a biological component and an environmental component.She posits that their problems occur because of an emotional vulnerability of the child and maladaptive or inadequate responses from their environment to emotion modulation strategies. We have a neighbor cat that the kids love to play with. I peeked in the cage, little milkshake looked up, teeth barred, but alive! ” I yelled, Briana came in the room, still crying, she couldn’t believe it, she said it was laying with it’s leg hanging out of the cage and she was sure that cat had hurt it. She nodded and began to sob again, this time I held her in my arms and let her cry.This is a wonderful window of opportunity for you to share in communication with your child, a time of feeling close and connected with your child. The child focuses on how unfair we are, or how bad they are, rather than learning from their mistake.

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