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However, it appears the netizens are doing their research and won't stop until they figure out what's going on! Give it a go : D Why do we even need to know who they're dating?

Make sure to stay tuned for any updates on this latest dating rumor. It doesn't mean anything, and the sooner you and they realised, the better.

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More images from Instiz: I don't wanna sound like a delusional bitch but this is so fake lol and I was gonna let it go. But them "oh my gosh, they're wearing the same clothesss" has to be bullshit. Netizens are like fucking stalkers and it is creepy.

But after I saw a few really stupid fans who bashed the fans that said it wasn't true just got me mad, okay so if they were dating, why the hell would she post so many obvious pictures. Lol the time she uploaded that picture, (L) he was in Hong Kong. If you look closely at the t-shirt picture, there's a ;tri-angle ;on the girl's, but not Myungsoo. I'm not seeing an similarity apart from the colour. idek what you think, this what I'm seeing laid before my eyes.

[ 174, -7] I watched the fancam of Chorong x Suho but I didn't find anything.

It was nothing and yet they slow-motioned it and caused a fuss ㅋㅋ And it's random but I think it'd be really embarrassing if you're an idol and you have a crush on another idol, and you get caught in a fancam5.

SEE ALSO: [Breaking] T-ara's Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk revealed to have been dating for the past 3 years In addition, there have been rumors about whether Sulli is dating Dynamic Duo's Choiza. Even though you're no longer a nobody, I will always be by your side and as I'm not going to change, I will demand an explanation if you, innocent as usual, go to one of those clubs or parties you dislike and I will be jealous if you hang out with another friend.

Now, joining the list, is a new rumor that INFINITE's L is dating ulzzang Kim Do Yeon who is known for her statement of eating 1.2 tons of chocolate over the past 6 years on tv N's 'Martian Virus'. However, we will always be together until the end of our lives. I love you."While there seems to be no obvious connection to L if you read the translated message in English, there's a different story in Korean: Unsurprisingly, netizens have discovered pictures to support the possibility that they may be involved in a relationship, such as one picture of them wearing the same T-shirt and brand name wristwatch.

In the year 2015, romance has blossomed for many of these Kpop idols and celebrities.

It’s hard to keep tabs on Kpop idols lately with all the news and rumors circulating. Here’s a list of some Kpop idols confirmed to be dating by their agencies and representatives.

Don't say something stupid like "oh she could've taken it beforehand" or "oh she probably was in Hong Kong with him" cause that's stupid. Just because they wear a few of the same clothing DOES NOT make them a couple. Okay even I HAVE a sweater like that that I bought on ebay. They shut up right after and L and Woolim dealt with everything while the girl and her company made money and gained attention. Don't say I'm being delusional because L isn't my bias or on my bias list in that matter. There are obvious hints and clues that make you think they were "dating" but there are hidden facts that prove that they werent. Without trying to sound like some fangirl in denial, because honestly, I couldn't give a rat's arse. Furthermore, I refuse to believe that that's ; HER ;hand that's somehow bent in such an awkward angle pulling at her hair. You'd have seen her shoulder and upper arm as well, not just her hand and wrist. Netizens have to fucking stop being so delusional and involved with idol's lives.

Also the bracelet isn't special lol sorry to break your little fangirl dreams but there are MANY copies of that bracelet. And the girl and the company said that they would take full responsibility for the scandal since THEY'RE the one that made it public, but after it went viral. ; Hey guys, they broke up right after the scandal took place so stop worrying. Just like fangirls [I'm speaking for myself here now], they need to stop thinking that every little thing is a hint at something.

Dating is not really an issue as these Kpop idols are in their right age and are responsible for their actions.

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