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This single was later re-released on the Forgotten Freshness Volume 4: Disc Two: Hallowicked collection in 2005. It was so big that ICP recorded a music video exclusively for the UK ninjas, but no worry, you can still see it on Shokumentary bitch! Was supposed to be featured on the Amazing Jeckel Brothers but never made it on the CD.

I'm Coming Home Info: The Riddlebox was the third Joker's Card.

"Piggy Pie" features Steve Jones (of the Sex Pistols) on Guitar and "Halls of Illusions" features Slash (of Guns n Roses) on Guitar.

Pass Me By Info: The Great Milenko is the forth installment in the Joker's Cards saga.

This single was re-released on Forgotten Freshness Volume 4: Disc Two: Hallowicked collection in 2005.01.

This single was released in three versions - the Green Version, the Red Version and the Blue Version.

There are four versions of the hit song and they're all fresh!

This was later re-released nationwide without "Blackin' Your Eyes" and "Night of the Axe". Although its a short album, its a definite add-on to any collection of Psychopathic CDs.

Info: ICP comes back with their first sideshow EP and takes a trip to the richy ass town called Beverly Hills.

This was only released as dubs and ICP's name was Inner City Posse. Dead people surely love this amusing ride, but as long as the line for the Terror Wheel may be, and despite the many stiffs that would love a chance to ride the wheel, we always have saved a seat for you and your loved ones.

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