the facebook dating formula - Inserting updating and deleting data with the sqldatasource

Transaction End Sub Public Sub Commit Transaction() ' Commit the transaction Me. Click ' Get the set of products Dim products API As New Products BLL() Dim products Data As Northwind. Get Products() ' Update each product's Category ID For Each product As Northwind. Update With Transaction(products Data) ' Refresh the Grid Products.

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For changes made to versions following 5.0.26, see Appendix C, My SQL Enterprise Release Notes, and Appendix D, My SQL Community Server Enhancements and Release Notes.

Starting with My SQL 5.0, we began offering a new version of the Manual for each new series of My SQL releases (5.0, 5.1, and so on).

Before we start exploring how to augment the DAL to support database transactions, let s first take a moment to create the ASP. Sql Client Namespace Northwind Table Adapters Partial Public Class Products Table Adapter Private _transaction As Sql Transaction Private Property Transaction() As Sql Transaction Get Return Me._transaction End Get Set(By Val Value As Sql Transaction) Me._transaction = Value End Set End Property Public Sub Begin Transaction() ' Open the connection, if needed If Me.

NET web pages that we will need for this tutorial and the three that follow.

namespace enables developers to programmatically wrap a series of statements within the scope of a transaction and includes support for complex transactions that involve multiple sources, such as two different databases or even heterogeneous types of data stores, such as a Microsoft SQL Server database, an Oracle database, and a Web service.' Create the Sql Transaction object Dim my Transaction As Sql Transaction = Sql Connection Object. Perform the database transaction�s data modification statements... Begin Transaction() ' Attach the transaction to the Adapters For Each command As Sql Command In Me.

' ' If we reach here, no errors, so commit the transaction my Transaction. Open() End If ' Create the transaction and assign it to the Transaction property Me. Commit() Catch ' If we reach here, there was an error, so rollback the transaction my Transaction. To provide support for transactions we need to augment the Table Adapter classes to include additional methods that use the above pattern to perform a series of data modification statements within the scope of a transaction. Close() End Sub End Class End Namespace Public Function Update With Transaction _ (By Val data Table As Northwind. Begin Transaction() Try ' Perform the update on the Data Table Dim return Value As Integer = Me. Update(data Table) ' If we reach here, no errors, so commit the transaction Me. Begin Transaction() Try ' Delete each product specified in the list For Each product ID As Integer In product IDs Adapter.This appendix lists the changes from version to version in the My SQL 5.0 source code through My SQL 5.0.26.This version was released as My SQL Classic 5.0.25 to commercial customers only.

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