Intimidating sports music

Miller may not be as physically imposing as others, but he still just might be the most intimidating defensive player in the NFL today.

The National Football League is chock-full of some of the most intimidating human beings on the planet.

And while most NFL players could come across as intimidating to the average American, only a select few have the ability to intimidate their peers and opposing coaching staffs around the league.

In football, offense tends to be what dominates the headlines and sells tickets.

The flash of a big play and the thrill of a long touchdown are what drive TV ratings and are the things that fans love to watch.

This kind of goes without saying, but opposing offenses have to know where Kuechly is lined up on every play.

And in our eyes, that can be extremely intimidating.

Simply put: Harrison’s intensity and attitude are legendary.

In a vote among NFL players in 2012 on who was the most violent and dangerous player in the league, Harrison garnered 67.5% of the votes from his peers around the league.

Here we show you the 10 most intimidating players in the NFL today.

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