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For spontaneous raw trend information you can also checkout Trendline online magazine “Its when the public can’t tell what’s advertising and what’s not.” Gavin Lucas defines it in his book Guerrilla Advertising 47.

Robert Lum of shares creative and unconventional marketing strategies in his blog: “Top 7 Guerrilla Marketing agencies to Watch” 48. Short snappy ones from “Bootstrapping blog “a great site for startups needing cost effective strategies: 50 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics you should be using 49.

The Inspiration Room a space for viewing creative content from all forms of media around the world 43.

Instead, don some Recessionista fatigues and arm your business with these creative cost-saving tactics.

Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing site simply puts it as “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g.

There are agencies that help you find them or start a pop up space too.

Great for evoking curiosity and planting brand awareness in specific geographical points in your city.

Take a look at what marketing, events & design creatives are using around the world today.

Scan through some of these Global Cool hunting curators: 42.

Tap into the people in your neighbourhood who use your business by providing them with meaningful events in-store or on your premises: 20.

Service your existing customers with social events that allow them to make a positive association e.g.

Clever if its used on a route like a bridge with high footfall, allowing you to target specific locations or neighbourhoods. the Movie Troll-hunter was marketed using a stencil on Bridges in the city saying “Troll Below” sparking off curiosity. Use 3d Floor artist to do something mind-boggling outside your premises front door 10. Play with outdoor installations: turn an outdoor sign or piece of public works into something new and entertaining. Yarn bombing is a good example of people decorating the urban environment & using a product in an unexpected but decoratively visible way – an arts and craft supplier for example could supply free yarn to a knitting Circle and encourage Guerrilla Yarn bombing in the locality.

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