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As the bitch goddess, Erica started out as "a conniving teenage vixen" and transformed into "the femme fatale incarnate." The characters in this category are outrageous, exaggerated, financially disadvantaged and determined to change that.Other characters in this archetype are Lisa Grimaldi (As the World Turns), Rachel Davis (Another World) and Tracy Quartermaine (General Hospital).

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She used the story bible for All My Children to create the new program.

The Erica character officially debuted in 1970 once All My Children made it onto the air.

Former associate producer Felicia Minei Behr said, "The Erica that [Lucci] started with, was a kid who was one-dimensional, who was the rotten seed, and she turned her into a very fascinating character- the character that everybody loves to hate." her motivations stem from her relationship with her father.

Her abandonment by him led her to be written as sexually aggressive with men.

By the late 1970s, a different set of character types were established, including the chic suburbanite, the subtle single, the traditional family person, the successful professional, and the elegant socialite.

Erica was in the chic suburbanite category which comprised "flashy," achievement-oriented characters with little interest in family and friends."Agnes Nixon, the show's creator, really wanted somebody dark to play this part.She has always been ahead of her time," Lucci said. I enjoyed playing her when she was a 15-year-old high school girl, the naughty girl in town, and I enjoy playing her now, when she's still the naughty girl, but she's broadened her area of operation to include the entire world." By the 1970s, characters were written with more depth, fitting into archetypes consisting of the young-and-vulnerable romantic heroine, the old-fashioned villain, the rival, the suffering antagonist, Mr.A casting director discouraged her from pursuing roles on television because her hair, skin, and eyes were too dark.Though Lucci's olive complexion held her back from other acting opportunities, it worked in her favor while up for the role of Erica.One of hundreds of people they called back in, Lucci progressed on from each reading of the part until she received the role.

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