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Written and directed by ER (1994) castmember Lily Mariye, this gritty, sexually frank coming-of-age story has won 11 awards. In a wintry small town, the body of a teenager named Jamie Marks is found by the river.

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I do get that with pot, you find things funny that you otherwise wouldn't.

I do get that cliché pop psychology advice can be amusing.

While at first the station appears normal and the people friendly, Jessica soon discovers that the people on board have issues due to the isolation and stress of being cooped up with one another in a relatively small space far from Earth.

This is in addition the usual problems people struggle with, such as infidelity, loneliness, depression, and drug abuse.

Jessica arrives to serve as the station's new first mate.

While she narrates a piece about how she likes the predictability of asteroids, some placidly drifting asteroids are shown colliding in chain-reaction fashion. I certainly feel very optimistic about it, and the feedback seems to be very strong. 17: Wait, now who's the best charades player in the cast? Not to pat my own back, but I'm literally, I'm kind of unstoppable. WB: To be fair to my castmates, I've had plenty of practice. I'm so good at breaking stuff down into syllables and sounds. She's a great person for it, especially because she has so much of that fashionista, stylish image that I think it works well within the context. WB: Yeah, it's one of those things with like the love triangle set-up in the first episode. I'm the kind of freewheeling, living to have fun local guy. CW should run for mayor of that city because I think they'd probably win! But there's also Scott Porter, who did Friday Night Lights, and Jaime King. We had some late nights of, you know, crazy dance floor antics, and charades playing! She ends up down there, and you know, she's kind of the classic fish out of water. She tries to make friends and fit in, but, unable to connect meaningfully with anyone, she becomes lonely.She's baffled and disillusioned by the stiff and irritable Captain Glenn, who harbors secrets of his own. One Tree Hill was shooting down there forever and ever. It's a really talented cast and also like a kind of cool, interesting crew of young actors, you know with Rachel obviously kind of at the helm of it. WB: You really never know if the people that you're gonna be working with are gonna be too cool for school. It ended up being really, some really great chemistry between us. So, through this kind of mysterious evolution that we learn about by the end of the pilot, she ends up inheriting half of a small town practice — General Practitioner practice in Blue Bell, Alabama. It was like, "Aw this is great."17: Was the kiss awkward at all?

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