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The samples most often given solvent pretreatments such as this are wood, soil organics, peat and charcoal, from specific environments.A variety of solvents may be used in the extraction process, depending on the type of material and the contaminants present.

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It is then rinsed in a buchner funnel with distilled water to reduce the p H levels towards neutral.

Following this, the sample is immersed in a 5% diluted, boiling Na OH solution for approximately one hour, after which it is rinsed or centrifuged again.

The humic fraction is acid insoluble and is removed using a base extraction method.

The fulvic fraction however, is soluble in acid and may be removed using an HCl wash.

HCl acid washing is usually applied to samples destined for combustion.

Because HCl reacts with carbonate to produce CO2, its use in pretreatment work is restricted to non-carbonate samples.

Many samples from terrestrial environments, such as wood, charcoal and peat, will often contain small amounts of absorbed carbonates from percolating groundwater.

This material is non-contemporaneous and must be removed.

The insoluble fraction usually contains the sample minus the contaminant and is the dateable component.

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