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In reality, it’s about having great sex rather than just getting laid.

You don’t want a woman to regret sleeping with you.

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Well, when it comes to dating, I love to think outside the box and keep things interesting. I like to do things differently, so the longer you make her wait for sex and the more you tease her, the more she’s going to desire you. If you plan to be there for the long term, what difference is an extra few dates going to make before you have sex? Go somewhere where they have live music or something fun. This is something I tell every guy I coach: If you want the greatest sex of your life, let her sleep over the first time without having sex with her.

You see, women are conditioned to believe men will start putting on the pressure for sex by the third date, and that’s where the clutter comes in. The longer you leave her wanting you, the more she’ll need you and beg you for sex. I’ve been to a few Greek restaurants that do plate smashing. Pick somewhere that doesn’t push the romantic atmosphere too much. Literally let her sleep over like you had sleepovers as a kid.

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Give her a pair of pajamas, spoon her and make her feel safe and comfortable.

When you do that, she’s going to be aching to have sex with you, and it doesn’t matter what date it is.

Instead of the three-date rule for sex, make it the four-date rule for sleeping over.

Make it a four-date rule to make her feel comfortable.

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