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John Elkin (1860-1915) was born in West Mahoning Township, Indiana County, and educated in Smicksburg, Pa., and in Ohio.He became a schoolteacher in Smicksburg while studying at Indiana Normal School, which would eventually become IUP.

In 1853, James established the Indiana Strawboard Mill, later known as the Indiana Paper Mill Company.

He later became president of the First National Bank of Indiana and helped bring the Pennsylvania Railroad to Indiana from Blairsville in 1856.

As inherently shaped by their turn-of-the-century world as the Suttons were by the Victorian era, the Elkins sought livelier, more modern look for the mansion.

Wide Edwardian verandas on the east and north sides were constructed, replacing the original small porch at the main entrance (which today faces Whitmyre).

Sarah Stansbury Sutton’s portrait hangs in the parlor.

Photographs of Elkin family members are also displayed throughout the house, and a button and ribbon from John Elkin’s campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination are mounted behind glass in the law library.When I returned from college, however, Breezedale was like a soul reborn: a model of Victorian antiquity, proudly asserting its presence and now hard to miss.The house, in the process of physical transformations, seemed to have taken on a spirit of its own—not that of its mythical ghost but a spirit of history and her story that somehow embodies the life of a town and its nearly forgotten people, obscured behind the haze of time.He began serving immediately after his graduation, in spite of acceptance to the bar, and quickly earned a reputation for integrity and intelligence.In 1895, he was appointed deputy attorney general for the state and in 1899 was named attorney general. Sutton sent her five-year-old grandson a postcard, telling him that a little playmate for him named Genevieve was on her way to Indiana.The statue in Breezedale’s parlor was purchased in Italy by Sarah Stansbury Sutton in 1875. The grandson’s reaction to the arrival of the 400-pound statue was disappointment.

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