Java code for validating date

For example, if you modified your code as such: an exception would be thrown caused by the invalid 'zz' characters within your given date.

Like check if the input is just a space(easy, just use trim()) or if the user input an invalid date...? Even after setting lenient as false in Simple Date Format , for the patter mm/dd/yyyy its validating this date fine : 10/02/23a0 or 10/2/23445 I have seen apache common's date validator , but in version 1.4 or less it doenst not have validdate method with leneincy ... Basically for this part what I'm wanting to do is take in a user input, make this into a date, ensure it's a VALID date, and work out the number of days this is from a "starting date". You already have a lot of work to do to make this better.

I need the date in the form YYYY-mm-dd I don't want to get 0000-00-00 values, null would be better... Guys, I know that this must have been implemented a million times, but I'm here looking for ideas: I need to validate the date for a specific format. But I do have one more really really big usefull hint for you: Never, ever, under any circumstances, should working fine . It's even impossible to solve unless the user specifies what format he has entered.

Another kind of formatter enables you to use a character mask to specify the set of characters that can be typed at each position in the field.

For example, you can specify a mask for typing phone numbers in a particular format, such as A relatively old question, but I figured I would take a shot at it, to maybe help out the random Google Searches.

Hi All, I have a current scenario where in an external application invokes my application code. My question here is if the client will be invoking my application with a Date input parameter then I can be rest assured that the ...

So I cannot easly pick out the year, month, & day fields. I'm not worried about filtering the options in the ... I am trying to get the time format in hh:mm format. String str Format = "HH: MM"; Date Format my Date Format = new Simple Date Format(str Format); Date my Time = null; try catch (Parse Exception e) println("Finished Date Function " my Time()); ...

Action Event evt) If alphanumeric input is not valid for the Swing component in the first place, then instead of validating this post-entry, you should restrict the component to accept only certain format in the first place.

Using the formatters that Swing provides, you can set up formatted text fields to type dates and numbers in localized formats.

All examples given here are as simple as possible to help beginners.

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