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An only child from upstate New York, D'Eramo was worried, especially about his 89-year-old father, who has Alzheimer's disease. When his father went out for short drives, was he getting home safely?

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The"To build anything, you need to apply your heart to it", they say. Constructing a tensile structure is a technical task but simple. In the dreams of many one is carried away to a land of enchantment and wonder.

Then again there are many a night where one dreams of misfortune and woe.

Male shoppers in Europe were much more willing to engage in the purchase of electronic equipment online, with almost one in three men buying electronics online last year, compared to just 17pc of female online shoppers.

In Ireland, the trend almost perfectly matched the European trend, with 35pc of male internet shoppers buying electrical goods online compared with 17pc of female internet shoppers in Ireland.

He sees the number of times Mom opens the refrigerator, and when Dad goes into the bathroom or heads out the door.

The company can alert D'Eramo by text, email, Web or phone if something is out of the ordinary.

However, when it comes to shopping for clothes, women out-shopped men online, with 68pc of female e-shoppers in Europe buying clothes online in comparison to 56pc of men.

The figures for Ireland reflect the overall European trend, with 68pc of female internet users in Ireland buying clothes online in 2016, compared with just over on in two males.

However Irish people were much more likely to spend time on social media in 2016, with three in four Irish women participating in social networks online last year, compared to two in three Irish men. Samantha Mc Caughren Around 100 Davy clients will be celebrating a near threefold increase in their investments in Spotify in less than two-and-a-half years following the listing of music streaming company last week.

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