John paul lavoisier and farah fath dating

in backyard of the couple’s Las Vegas home (they also share a home in Vancouver, Canada).

Based on her Twitter account, it appears Farah took her husband’s name (no, not Phil), and is now known as Farah Galfond.

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(Because online poker is not available in most of the United States, Galfond had to relocate out of the country to continue playing high stakes games online).

Fath and Galfond seem sort of an odd couple: she the beautiful Hollywood actress, he, the geeky math-centric poker nerd. On the 2 2 Pokercast, Farah said she was attracted to “his spirit” and how he is so emotionally mature.

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Soap Opera Digest reports that the seemingly-romantic Galfond gave Fath a 3-carat ring, along with a 12 page love note and bottle of wine.

On May 16, 2015, Phil Galfond and Farah Fath officially became man and wife, with a the marriage ceremony taking place at 7 p.m.

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