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Angelique's witch mother who was with her at that time warned her of socialising with people of noble birth.

This, however, did not stop Angelique from following the family for many years, hoping to be loved by Barnabas, but to no avail.

Feeling betrayed, he drains her and dumps her seemingly dead body into the town bay with Willie's help.

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In 1972 (that is, 196 years later), a young Maggie Evans (also Bella Heathcote), under the assumed identity of "Victoria Winters", applies for a job as a governess at Collinwood and meets with the current reclusive matriarch, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Her nephew David (Gully Mc Grath), for whom Victoria will be caring, believes his mother, who drowned in a boating accident, still visits him.

In 1760, the Collins family moves from Liverpool, England to Maine and establishes the fishing town Collinsport, where they build their estate, Collinwood.

When he first arrives, the young son Barnabas (Johnny Depp), meets the young Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), who instantly becomes besotted with him.

In retaliation, Barnabas reopens the Collins Cannery family business and uses hypnosis to steal several of the fisherman crews who work for Angelique. However, even after an episode of supernatural lust between the two, he rejects her offer.

Meanwhile, Julia later discovers his identity by hypnotizing him and offers to cure his vampiric condition via blood transfusions.

Resolved to honorably win her heart, he seeks out Carolyn's advice on courting her.

Angelique, now an immortal witch herself, learns of Barnabas' resurgence and visits him, informing him that she now has taken over Collinsport as a member of the upstanding community.

Dark Shadows is a 2012 American horror comedy film based on the gothic television soap opera of the same name.

It was directed by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Bella Heathcote in a dual role.

After realising who and what Barnabas is, she asks him to keep it a secret to protect the children of his true nature, passing him off as his own descendant, "Barnabas Collins III".

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