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Why we keep our wild sides behind closed door bed rooms and not make it public like other animals? i,m the husband i,m 44 years old we was very happy before all this come about now i,m not so sure i take in whats been said but i can,t help thinking of me at 18 if a older women would suck me off i would want a lot more of the same thats why i said no i hate to think of her mouth around someone elses ***** and if he wants more would she keep doing it behind my back I don't believe in one night stands.

These things happen all the time but I never could see the true passion in it.

The duo also revived their recording career, releasing the album All I Ever Need Is You, and charting two more top ten hits: "All I Ever Need Is You", and "A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done" in 1972.

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In the composition by Darlene Love, the listener can clearly hear Cher and Sonny close to the mic (along with Love, who recorded her own backing vocals).under the name of Sonny & Cher, which became their first regional hit.

young man of 18 as asked my wife who is 45 for a ***** at work when she got home said to me would i let her if she wanted to give him one i said no but in the last two weeks she has asked about four times she said she would like to suck him off just once then she wont do it no more we have a great sex life i tryed talking to her about this but she still wants to do it should i let her give him one i need your advice I"ll give this one a go... Wow, that says a lot about the type of relationship you both have.

This is more of a win or divorce type of situation. Men peak at about 18, women at about 30 and so many women break up their narriages at this age because they desire some strange while men are wanting to settle down.a new definition of feminism i see.... If homo sapiens sapiens act only on basis of basic instincts, then what's the difference between man and animals?

Why we call our self as developed and put other animals in the lower part of the pyramid?

Discussing it so cold and remote ignores the fact all parties involved have emotions and needs and you can never know where those emotions will lead the 3 of you. I sometimes flirt and enjoy it but I wouldn't take it to a higher level.

Even if I'm sure my husband agrees to it and I will only enjoy the adventure, I find it too instrumental and almost degrading to use the other man in this way. but men dive into our bodies and won't hesitate to think if he's degrading us in any way! When u go out and do somehing of this nature, the couple involved would have talked about this and know where the other stands.. The op asked advice on somehing that he and only he can answer, based on the type of relationship he has.

The first season ranked in the Top 25 of the year-end ratings.

Sonny and Cher caught the eye of CBS head of programming Fred Silverman while guest-hosting The Merv Griffin Show, and Silverman offered the duo their own variety show.

For one thing, she's a spunky chick, and two, that she respects?

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