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In the morning, the group sets out on foot, following Luke's tracks, and finally spots his abandoned snowmobile.

They split up, looking for Luke, but, when Brian discovers Luke's body, the monster attacks and kills him.

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Clarence identifies his attacker using a sketch of what Venkenheim claims is a nineteenth century murderer.

Clarence, a meth dealer, reacts erratically to this claim.

At night, they hear wolves howling again, but a monstrous growling cuts them off.

Venkenheim thinks it's the monster, but Brian disagrees.

Venkenheim insists that they go back to the yurt and wait for help, but the monster is in the yurt, enraged.

Despite Venkenheim's warning not to run, Eric panics and is killed by the monster.

Along the way, Venkenheim reveals the monster is an experiment in longevity and argues that the monster can unlock many scientific mysteries.

The group eventually abandons their car in favor of snowmobiles.

The monster breaks down the door, throws her around, and stomps off with her body as well as carrying the red-headed female doll earlier found in the yurt.

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