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The downside is the homeowners association fees which can and do run to 0 a month, whether you are there or not...why? It would be a great place for living on a boat..don't need a mega yacht. I am guessing as to how much one would cost but ,000 for sure, would buy you a floating home for living in St Croix. Come to St Croix for a few months rent an apartment and see if island living is for you. We joined a church did volunteer work by painting the exterior ( a designated national landmark) of the parish hall.

Some folks report "rock fever" and find it is not for them..never had that malady. We joined a gym, not only good for you it saved on the use of fresh water on the boat.

Every year the Laugh Factory in Hollywood pits USC v.

Formerly Hess Oil, now the Venezuelan Oil Company, St Croix has the largest refinery in the Western Hemisphere. Because of the influx of refinery workers from Puerto Rico, 80 miles away, 45% of the St Croix residents speak Spanish (and English of course).

St Thomas, the capital of the territory, is the cruise ship capital of the world, we have seen 10 ships in port on the same day..a little crowded in Charlotte Amalie downtown on those days.

The last 3 winters we had the boat 1999 to 2002 we spent the entire winter anchored in St Croix.

Although we lived on the boat, we spent so much of the year there we bought a car and set up residence.

It was truly a magical experience and one which we will never forget, and that can now be taken off my bucket list!!

We went on the Wind Dancer Sunset and it was AWESOME! Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Valley of Fire are among the world’s top travel destinations.Maverick Helicopters® will descend and land 3,500 feet into the Grand Canyon in Hualapai Indian Territory for an extended landing time.Champagne, beverages and hors d'oeuvres will be served some 300 feet above the mighty Colorado River.For trivia about the Grand Canyon—one of the biggest and most interesting examples of erosion in the world—read here! Living in St Croix, was great for us, maybe you too.Drivers license, paid taxes (same as US), set up Post Office, bank, joined a church and gym etc.

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