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A former stripper in Miami, Rajic and George hooked up for a while and soon one plus one equaled three.

The rumor was that George was unsure it was his and a couple of unsettled lawsuits between the two later and out comes a second child and from what we have heard a steady relationship. Now how you want to interpret support for a former stripper could be a physical one or a financial one depending on how you look at it.

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To be considered for this list, we have narrowed down the finalists to active members of the National Basketball Association.

Now we aren't judging the morals and values of these fifteen beautiful ladies, but sadly it seems as though many of us will never have enough game or money or both to even step into the same room and have a chance at saying hello. While he didn't get traded to his preferred team in LA, his new squad the OKC Thunder have started to mesh and look to be one of those teams that nobody wants to face come playoff time.

Landry is married to model Elaine Alden, with whom he has two children.

Source: Obituary of Landry’s paternal grandmother, Cecilia L.

Before starting his professional career, he had played for his college in the Stanford Cardinal men's basketball for a period of 5 years. He then started his professional basketball career in New York Knicks where he, later on, played for only 2 seasons before joining Toronto Raptors for another 3 years.

In the year 2014, he married Elaine Alden ( born on February 11, 1987, in Miami Florida) the model whom he had dated for a while.

Who knows, maybe it's the blonde hair, maybe it's her new workout regime, either way Khloe has been looking good.

As for support, well being a true Kardashian, there is a lot of junk in the trunk and some lovely lady lumps that are certainly a handful.

The NBA guard posed in a photo booth with signs that said Will You Marry Me? The couple celebrated their engagement with a Valentine’s Day trip to Miami.

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