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Always a deep and original thinker, he graduated from Hillsborough High School in 1952.In a chance meeting forty years later, his chemistry teacher recalled him fondly as the smartest student she ever taught, a view echoed repeatedly over the years by those who taught and studied with him.

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Fittingly, Ralph became an expert in the human heart.

He began his medical studies at the Tulane University School of Medicine, forming a lifelong love affair with New Orleans and starting on a professional path that would lead him to become iconic in the scientific and academic worlds of cardiac electrophysiology. Lazzara, he specialized in the heart and its rhythms: the mechanisms governing the proper cardiac cycle, the processes and conditions that can spark perilous disturbances—arrhythmia is the leading cause of death in the western world—and methods to detect and treat heart rhythm abnormalities.

His skills drew visits from Florida Gators recruiters, but he chose a different direction.

Upon graduation, he enrolled at the University of Chicago, charting a path as the first in the Lazzara clan to attend college.

He served as a lieutenant colonel in the Army, treating patients at the Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver and skiing the Rocky Mountains, as he would for decades after.

Returning after Colorado to his native Florida, he became Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami, depleted the local crab supply, and lived in a home surrounded by citrus and mango trees and pulsing with warmth and the laughter of his family and friends.

He authored over three hundred scientific manuscripts, sixty-six book chapters, and three books. He served for several years as President of the Washington D.

C.-based Heart Rhythm Society, an international non-profit organization promoting education and advocacy for cardiac arrhythmia professionals and patients.

One of his patients, on learning of his death, marveled at “how many people are alive and well, watching their children and grandchildren grow, enjoying a bright sky and a fine glass of wine because of Ralph’s work, his commitment, his values and his capacity for a great big deep belly laugh.” Even in the last week he lived, Dr.

Lazzara was reading electrocardiograms on his i Pad at his Anna Maria home, studying the heart rhythms of patients a land away and in need of a physician’s wisdom.

They raised him in a continuously joyous and loving home with his sister Rosalie and his brother Bennie, Jr.

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