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The PRC business was operated as a variable interest entity.

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Management should be rewarded based on other criteria that are director related to the business. Kevin Martin is the seller, founder and CEO of pair Networks.

For instance, criteria based on revenue, operating profit and free and operating cash flow. The deal suggests confidence in the combined company.

In any case: profits and revenues have gone up much at Liberated Syndication in recent years. FAB Universal Corp.'s main operations were kiosks in Beijing.

Liberated Syndication has an ugly history and maybe even uglier recent events. However, the American parent company, run by Americans, also owned the podcast business.For international stocks, I share the details of the best-ranked stocks with my Marketplace subscribers.For the much more expensive US-listed stocks I share results here on the free part of Seeking Alpha.This month's list tells us Liberated Syndication is a good pick on a statistical basis. James O'Shaughnessy describes about 300 quantitative stock investing strategies. Last year I discovered it is possible (but not easy) to implement many of these quantitative strategies.So these advanced strategies are not just an edge for hedge funds anymore, but anyone can implement them at home.The podcast hosting business was spun off as Liberated Syndication to shareholders of FAB Universal Corp in 2016.

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