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However, some friendly advice: Your Linked In photo shouldn't be from 20 years ago. This is where you really sell yourself to potential connections.

It shouldn't look like it belongs on a dating site, stock photo site, or social network (e.g., Facebook or Instagram). Your summary should expand on what appears in your headline, highlighting your specialties, career experience, noteworthy accolades, and thought leadership.

Under your Contact Info, Linked In gives you the option to link to a website or blog. Linked In lets you add several sections to give your profile more visual appeal and depth.

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Don't go back and forth between first person and third person as it's confusing and signals a lack of attention to detail. Words are so incredibly important, especially when search is a big part of the equation.

In summary of Linked In summaries: keep your ego in check, focus on the most relevant details about your career, avoid meaningless jargon, and ensure it's easy to read. Using the right keywords in your profile is the difference between being found and being invisible.

Images generally result in a 98% higher comment rate. If you do post occasional company-related news or product announcements, make sure they deliver a specific benefit to your followers.

Links to You Tube videos play directly in the Linked In feed and usually result in a 75% higher share rate. Concise intros and snappy headlines are more likely to result in higher engagement. Always include a clear call to action, like a link. Your Company Page includes helpful analytics that show changes in the size and composition of your follower community, as well as activity on your page.

Share company news, industry articles, or thought leadership pieces—or ask followers to weigh in on hot topics.

Posts will appear on your Company Page and in the news feed on the homepage of each of your followers across all devices and platforms. Consistent posting encourages engagement and fosters familiarity.Include your company's logo and a cover image to bring your page to life.Your logo appears when members search for your company as well as on your employees' profiles.Linked In profiles that have a picture are 11 times more likely to be viewed. Give your profile page a bit more personality, or branding, with a visually appealing background image.So if you're still showing a silhouette, it's time to make a change and reveal yourself. Linked In advises users to use an image (PNG, JPG, or GIF) with a resolution of 1400x425.Identify the words you want to be found for when people use Linked In search and use those keywords in your headline, summary, and profile.

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