Linq submitchanges not updating

Public Sub Update Repair(Serial Number As String, End Time As Date Time, Status As String, CSRQuote Flag As Integer) Using db As New Production Data Model Data Context Try Dim Update Command = (From repair In db.

Apparently something about visual studio losing the primary key in the Linq Schema Try Dim selected Repair = db.

Message) End Try End Using End Sub This code executes, changes all the data as I step through, but something seems to just not click when the submitchanges() call goes out. I'm not certain why this is happening, I've been googling all over. I may have found my answer here: I will test his theory tomorrow...

Submit Changes() Catch ex As Exception Message Box.

This will be helpful for debugging purpose and also to learn/know more about original sql syntax.

Here is a simple code snippet that will show how to get the corresponding sql query of a linq to sql operation and print it on console: UDB= new User Data Context(); //simple query var results = from u in TV. User Name == "Admin" select u; //database command object Db Command dc = db.

NET Ax Agent BASE64 Binding C# C# Generic Chrome Digest Directory Extension Method File System Hashing HTTP HTTPS IE IIS Java Javascript JQuery LINQ MVC null Performance Pipeline Pointer Query Recursion Security SHA SOAP Speech SQL SQL & DB SQL2005 unsafe Visual Studio WCF Web Service WF Windows service WPF WSE XML XSLT I had the same problem with SQLExpress database file.

In one word, I looked at the records from the wrong database.

Get Command(q); //Show the command text/sql query text on console Console. Command Text); Hope this article will be helpful for you for writing simple linq to sql query thus help doing basic database operations.

I will be writing on some more advance level linq to sql usage soon.

Googling through forums revealed that we need to change the code as the following After adding db.

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