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The Spaniards took advantage of the Taínos' good faith and enslaved them, forcing them to work in the gold mines and in the construction of forts.

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Since 2007, the Government of Puerto Rico has been issuing "Certificates of Puerto Rican Citizenship" to anyone born in Puerto Rico or to anyone born outside of Puerto Rico with at least one parent who was born in Puerto Rico.

Currently, women in Puerto Rico and outside of Puerto Rico have become active participants in the political and social landscape in both, their homeland and in the continental United States.

The villages of the Taínos were known as "Yucayeque" and were ruled by a cacique.

When a cacique died, the next in line to become a chief was the oldest son of the sister of the deceased cacique.

Not only did she enjoy a materially superior lifestyle, but her children were held in high esteem.

The Naguas were a long cotton skirt that the woman made.

In the early part of the 19th Century the women in Puerto Rico were Spanish subjects and had little individual rights.

Those who belonged to the upper class of the Spanish ruling society had better educational oppuertunities then those who did not.

Some Taíno women became notable caciques (tribal chiefs).

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