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This is no longer strictly necessary: A consumer could simply download an app that connects them with a local merchant, browse the menu, and buy something from their table.

This is really important when it comes to apps for small- and medium-sized businesses (local merchants).

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There's so much friction in the system that the typical way is to become the merchant-of-record, which is a position you accept begrudingly. Commerce apps won't be forced to become aggregators any longer -- they simply need to use the i OS payment SDKs, and the SDK from the merchant acquirer, to process the payment.

Clover is making this even easier -- all Clover merchants will be enabled for In-App payments, which will give developers instant access to many thousands of merchants through our APIs (for submitting and reading orders, reading and updating menus and retail inventory, receipt printing, etc.).

About the author: John Beatty is co-founder and President of Engineering at Clover.

Workers at the Gorgon LNG project were forced to down tools following a gas leak at the Acid Gas Removal Unit.

This makes it compatible with a wide range of contactless payment terminals in deployment today.

Clover is NFC-enabling all current and future Clover products.

This is the typical way that a developer would provision a token: After thinking about it a second, you might realize "why do I need my user to create an account with an email address and password at all?

" A primary driver (though not only) was to have an account to associate the gateway-side token with.

Say you're an order-ahead app enabling consumers to buy food and pick it up later.

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