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When they report to Naruto — who insists that Boruto address him as "Seventh" rather than "Dad" in his office — Boruto insists the mission was so easy he could have done it on his own and Naruto lectures him the importance of teamwork.This angers Boruto, who instead argues on how his father focuses more on his Hokage duties than their family.However, Boruto is surprised when Katasuke tells him that the Hokage will be in attendance for the Exams.

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His son, Boruto has recently become a and has been teamed with (the daughter of and ), and under 's command.

In the ruins of 's palace, Sasuke Uchiha is battling a after recovering a scroll that Kaguya had hidden away many centuries ago.

Boruto says he doesn't plan to participate and Mitsuki says they need a three-man team or else they can't apply.

When Boruto replies he doesn't care, Sarada becomes angry and tells him that her dream is to be Hokage, and he is keeping her from getting closer to her dream.

When the dubbed episodes aired on Wednesdays, they were edited and censored for blood, language, and anything suggestive: however, when the time slot had changed to p.m.

on Saturday night, the edits were far less noticeable.

Mitsuki tells her to leave everything to Boruto because, as the son of the Seventh Hokage and the grandson of the Fourth Hokage, Boruto might become the next Hokage, causing Sarada to angrily reply she will be Hokage.

Konohamaru shows off his and captures the bear with the , and then shows it to the kids and creates a , which leaves them in awe, but it veers off course and accidentally destroys a local farm.

Because they are childhood friends and rivals, and that she is always watching him, Boruto feels the need to look good in front of Sarada.

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