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That work also discusses his 3-D puzzle Colored Cubes, first introduced in a lecture he gave in 1893.

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As discussed in my polyforms section, the only regular polygons which can be used to completely tile the plane are the equilateral triangle, the square, and the hexagon. It is described on page 36 of Slocum and Botermans' "Puzzles Old & New." The goal is to form a 3x3 grid such that at the points where the quarter-circles on the corners of the tiles meet (either four or two), there are always different colors on each of the meeting quarter-circles.

It is evident in Haubrich's Compendium that these shapes comprise the majority of tile shapes used in existing edgematching puzzles. Grandpa's head must always be upright on every card, so the cards cannot be rotated.

JH Vol.2 p163- 2 solns Le Berger Malin - The Lazy Shepherd (N. There is a number in each quadrant, and the corresponding number of sheep are depicted.

Arrange the tiles in a 3x3 grid such that the total in each square formed where edges meet totals 10.

Unlike with Assembly puzzles, laying the pieces out or into a tray, or stacking them together to form a particular shape, is not the primary focus, though it might contribute to the difficulty - it is the pattern rule which provides the chief challenge.

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