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Caroline’s distraught husband hires Paula to discover who turned his wife in to the authorities. Mike O’Malley, a Springfield cop and Paula’s friend, wants to know more, too, ditto Paula’s journalist friend, Lucy Cavanaugh, who plans to do a story on Monica/Caroline. Despite the rock n roll outts, the hair color that changed with the New England seasons, and the boyfriend twenty years her junior, Babe had more common sense than most of the people I knew. In the spring and summer the boxes dripped with colorful annuals and perennials, and Babe wanted to extend the season with a fall display that included shrubs and ornamental grasses.

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But ever since she somewhat accidentally solved a murder in casino country, Paula has cemented her reputation as a part-time detective. Things that look like one thing but were something elsefalse spirea, false hellebore, false Solomons seal. And the biggest decision Id have to make was which high-calorie local drink to order, the painkiller or the bushwhacker.

All she really wants to do is get back to her simple, everyday lifekeeping her small business afloat and hanging out at the Paradise Diner, owned by her friend and former rock and roller Babe Chinnery. I suppose its accurate to label them false, but why not just call them what they are? In the meantime the Paradise Diner would serve as my Caribbean surrogate.

I think the Mercedes guy just wants to relive his radical youth. "These were four-legged culprits with glow-in-the-dark eyes and pointy little noses. Never mind that this part of Connecticut frequently saw ten to fteen snowstorms a season. She had made her own rules and blissfully ignored convention for so long that people in Spring eld rarely commented on it anymore, unless it was to acknowledge her latest makeoverher current look featured spiky blond hair and ngernails the color of Granny Smith apples. She circled one anemic lamium, moved it slightly to the right, and gave it careful consideration before giving it a thumbs-up. We reenacted the same pas de deux with each perennial and shrub every planting season, and shed never yet turned down one of my suggestions.

For some its the carbon footprint; for others its the dependency-on-foreign-oil issue. "No, she said, rubbing the hand that was still smarting from the ill-advised smack. In the years since wed become friends Babe and I had transformed the glass- and rubbish-strewn parking lot outside the Paradise Diner into a tropical oasis.

(Apr.) A Dirty Business Mystery One "Its a false lamium, I said. I half suspected that kids came by at night when the diner was closed and tossed rocks at the lightbulbs, to help Babe maintain the diners slightly seedy look, or maybe it was Babe herself, who knew?

Babe Chinnery folded her muscular arms, appraised the plant, and said simply, "If its not a lamium, why in hell do you keep calling it one? She had added picnic tables and unmatched tag-sale umbrellas, so now in addition to being a must stop for every trucker in this part of the state, the shabby chic caf was attracting the Main Street Moms who had previously been too timid or too snobby to venture in, preferring the overpriced gourmet bakery three towns away.

I should have read the telltale signs the tag sale, the rented Dumpster, the "Oh, no, were just doing some fall cleaning.

sized tub of onion rings, it sounded like a good idea. Perhaps if you smelled fried food all day long, you were less likely to eat it. Anna Jurado, my part-time bookkeeper, felt responsible, but it was my own fault.

Serious environmentalists or loonies, depending on which side of the gas pump you stood, recongured engines to run on waste vegetable oil; and, apart from making their cars smell like a death wish? People were cutting back, and Id had two clients stiff me for an entire summers work last year by moving out and neglecting to leave a forwarding address so that I could send them a nal bill.

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