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Asked if Gonzales’ largely negative messaging — now matched in some respects by La Hood — could backfire, Jones recalled how the strategy worked in Harris County for District Attorney Kim Ogg.

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Anderson likely would have lost without Soros’ involvement, Jones said, but the ads he funded pushed her negatives “much higher than those of other Republicans.” “She went pure negative, and she gave voters on the fence enough good reason not to vote for Devon Anderson,” Jones said.

“And that’s where the Soros money really helps.” Candidates for DA typically don’t fundraise enough to run TV ads, Jones said, making Soros’ presence all the more significant.

Going on TV allows Gonzales the chance to contact households he passed over in his direct mail campaign.

La Hood’s TV ads have featured former Spurs star Tim Duncan, speaking about his longtime friend, portraying La Hood as a fighter for those who can’t protect themselves.

In a January debate held by the Bexar County Democratic Party — even though Gonzales did not attend after informing Chairman Manuel Medina of a conflict weeks in advance, text messages show — La Hood downplayed the importance of his party affiliation when asked, “Why are you a Democrat?

” “There has not been one family member, or one victim’s family, that has ever asked when they walked into my office … DA, are you a Democrat or Republican when you’re seeking justice for my loved one that’s dead? He recalled growing up in a time “where the Democratic Party was truly inclusive,” allowing its members to lean conservative or liberal.La Hood said in a text that he has “never let a contribution influence a decision.Period.” Henry has not donated money to La Hood this time. 10, Soros’ PAC spent about ,000 on an internal poll for Gonzales, a campaign finance report shows.In an Express-News interview, Henry said the DA’s dual role as both attorney for the county and potential prosecutor of the deputies created a more urgent conflict than his campaign contributions.He pointed out that the district attorney’s office controlled the flow of information presented to the grand jury, even as it submitted court papers arguing that the deputies were not guilty.Meanwhile, La Hood also claimed Gonzales’ campaign commitment to not prosecute prostitution cases would lead to “an increase in STDs.” “When you’re going that negative, it suggests that La Hood either believes he’s behind or neck-and-neck with Gonzales,” Rice University political scientist Mark Jones said.

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