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However, she maintained an aggressive watch on him during his first few days, often threatening him with her sword if he seemed to step out of line.

When it was discovered that Keitaro wasn’t actually a Tokyo University student, Motoko lead the movement to evict him and later participated in the girl’s attempts to get him to leave on his own will.

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Sombre and athletic, Motoko Aoyama (青山 素子 Aoyama Motoko), as of the start of the manga, is a fifteen year-old high school sophomore (Grade 10) and martial arts practitioner living in Room 302 of the Hinata House.

Dubbed “Kendo Girl” by others, Motoko is born into the head family of the Shinmei-ryu School of Martial Arts; a school of swordswomen who act as demon slayers and exorcists in Japan, and is next in line to inherit ownership of the school.

Due to Keitaro’s panicking and Motoko’s own illness, they were both knocked out during the match (Chapter 6).

Despite her low opinion of him, however, she assisted the other girls in searching for him when he ran away after receiving bad scores in his Christmas mock-test and attempted to help when he received “Worst Luck” in a temple fortune draw.

In Chapter 27, When Keitaro walked in on her while she was changing, Motoko challenged him again to a duel, this time with the stakes of either him attending her clan’s training regime to “beat some spine into his spineless body” or have her obey his command.

She would, again, lose, resulting in her abiding in Keitaro’s request to act more feminine.

When Naru and Keitaro decided to travel Japan after having failed their entrance exams, and after Kaolla and Shinobu went after them, Kitsune convinced Motoko to team up and go after them as well.

However, instead of searching for Keitaro and the other girls, Kitsune began sampling the different foods along their travels; using Motoko as a source of income by having her demonstrate her martial skills in public shows.

Category: Dating Games Description: In this dating sim, you become the new manager at the Hina Inn.

Date all of the crazy and beautiful girls at the inn…in between fighting them, but make sure they don’t find out about one another. Increase your charm, intelligence and magic and learn new fighting skills. Once you have found the girl you like become exclusive with her to win.

The two would eventually run into Kaolla and Shinobu in Kyoto where the four of them would then venture to Okinawa to find Naru and Keitaro.

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