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This may seem intimidating if you are used to being the “nice guy” and not expressing your sexuality.

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By the end of three weeks I guarantee that you will feel quite at ease.

Just don’t try to add any other new “habits” during this 21 day stretch as that can be too much for your brain to process. Just because you are interested in a woman, doesn’t mean that you should get all up her ass. This way you let her know that it’s on without overdoing it. As you get more and more experienced with women you will start to have more of a sense of humor about things, and this is very important.

As it turns out if you just do something every day for 21 straight days it will become a habit and you will feel natural doing it.

So if this is a sticking point for you, make a pledge to express your interest in every girl you meet that you are attracted to for the next 21 days.

How to get girls that one is compatible with is not easy, but it can be done.

Lilan is a 1990s kid, while the other three are 2000s kids.

Okay, most women DO like getting treated with respect, but you don’t need to be treating her like she is this innocent, goddess creature that will be shocked by the fact that you want to bang her.

Women know what guys want and they enjoy it when guys are attracted to them and express there interest, so give her what she wants. No matter what, if you are completely inexperienced expressing your interest in women it is going to take a little while before you start feeling comfortable with it.

The easiest way to get comfortable with it is to make it a habit so that expressing interest is just something that you just naturally do without even thinking about it.

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