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I'm not going to silence them just because you ask me to. I think it's really fair, and I think I'm doing them a service that their parents aren't doing. I think I'm making the world a better place by criticizing children. I imagine that I was the inspiration for that, since I come up first if you search online for Maddox. I downloaded her sex tape, though, which was disappointing. And you're not updating as much, so I'm sure your fans are peeved about that. Who is, in your opinion, the most annoying person on Earth right now? My girlfriend and I snuck into 'New Moon' and it was so ridiculously bad. Her ass is so juicy, but you don't see enough of it!

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You probably know Maddox as the blogger behind the seminal Best Page in the Universe, but he's also the author of things that can be found outside of your computer, like The Alphabet of Manliness.

Yep, he's going after the cute little crayon renderings we lovingly tape to our fridges and desks.

The idea for the book originated from his Crappy Art posts, and sure, a child's art may be an untraditional thing to criticize, but according to Maddox he's doing the kids a "service" by ripping their crafts to shreds. Well, some of my close friends and family members are vegetarians and animal rights activists and they're really obnoxious and in your face about it.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Maddox Swan is the younger sister of Bella. She graduated high school at an early age and completed Medical School in only a year.

*Read the AN at the bottom please.*~~~~ The next morning I got ready for work. "Orange" "Then Orange it is" "Alright" ~~ When his cast was on, he had crutches. Maddox" "Yes" "Are you free Saturday night" "Depends. " "Because I would love to take you on a date" I blushed some. When I turned around, Julia was standing there with a smirk. Only a couple people know and I trust them with my life. Also the second reason is, I had some trouble dealing with something. AN: So I know you all would like an explanation as too why I haven't been updating. Soon I will be on my medication and hopefully will get better enough to update more. I hope you all understand and forgive me for not updating this story for so long.I think it's changed over time in that I've become less mature. I don't think they hate me, but they're probably disappointed. I get about 100 emails per day, and about 10-12 percent is hate mail. I got hate mail about the suicide article, the Christopher Reeve article... The Christopher Reeve Foundation even contacted me -- their lawyers! It didn't explain how a primitive race of humans wiped out the shape-shifting, immortal, invisible aliens. Are you at all happy to share your name with one of Brangelina's kids?

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