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Available research however does not necessarily support this assertion and instead finds that that masturbation is actually healthy in relationships.

Early on Kinsey discerned a link between sexual satisfaction in relationships and prior orgasmic experiences; he found that women who had not experienced orgasm before marriage were much less likely to be orgasmic with their partners in marriage. ”) If this were true, men and women who have active sex lives would be expected to masturbate less frequently than persons without partners.

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Alfred Kinsey and his work on male and female sexuality galvanized this shift in perspective; he found that almost all of the men and more than half of the women he interviewed reported having masturbated in the past.

Still, old habits (and beliefs) die hard, and, fifty years later, the topic of masturbation remained taboo as evinced by an acknowledgment by the editors of the that they was unable to accumulate enough articles on masturbation to publish a special issue on the topic.[2] Studies of masturbation are rare, and few studies to date have gone beyond asking the basic questions of do you masturbate, if yes how often, and to what extent do you experience guilt.

The primary reason humans masturbate is pleasure, regardless of relationship status.

Does this mean then that masturbation is never a concern in a relationship?

In aggregate though, studies on the subject conclude: In spite of the aforementioned benefits and concomitant lack of untoward consequences, many men and women are still displeased when they discover their romantic partner is masturbating.

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