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If all neighbors communicate and share a common plan to solve the feral cat problem, results will be swifter and tangible.

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Feral cats also generally don't leave a community because of lack of food, on the contrary removing the food source will force the cats to roam further for food, cause them stress, and make them quite unhealthy.

Civil communication between parties affected by feral cats is a key factor in resolving the inevitable differences caused by the presence of feral cats.

For full details, contact the Animal Shelter at (631) 643-9270.

All dangerous dog incidents should be recorded with contact information, addresses and phone numbers.

The caregiver cannot assume that everyone has the same devotion to cats as they do.

It helps in the longterm to acknowledge the caregivers right to provide proper care for the cats as well as understanding that some neighbors to not share the same devotion.

For more information, call the Animal Shelter at (631) 643-9270.

Feral cats are a community problem and likely occur because of neglect and miscommunication.

Private shelters carefully screen animals before they are accepted for adoption.

Any animals with medical or behavioral issues are not accepted.

As a result, the Shelter does not pick up stray cats.

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