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There is a huge potential market among the queer community.

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A drinks menu sits erect on the counter boasting of “Teetotal G ’n’ T”, “Square Root Soda”, and “Seedlip & tonic”.

I do not know what any of these are but Seedlip certainly sounds like you swallowed something memorable.“The G ’n’ T is made in Skipton!

“It’s an opportunity for people to open up a bit more in a different way, not in a sexual or disinhibited way – you’re opening up to talk about things that actually interest you, which I don’t think would happen in a noisy bar where you’re drinking.”There is another reason for Henry’s aversion to licensed premises: He works as a doctor in the A&E department of a London hospital. For Henry, having also lived in Exeter, the lack of options available to LGBT people for soberly connecting is even more evident in smaller towns outside of London.

Queers Without Beers, therefore, provides an alternative to the conventional notion of what the scene is, he says, and such possibilities are just the start.

At chill-out parties now, he says, “the sex is happening in parallel to the social gathering and often these people have no problem seeing their best buddies getting fucked.” There is little chance of hooking up here, however, he says.

“It’s too mixed and silent – no music.”Except, as we talk, I spot something: A young woman has approached Buzz Feed News’ (female) photographer, who afterwards confirms that this was at least an attempt at a hookup.

Meanwhile, services specifically aimed at LGBT people with alcohol and drug problems – such as Antidote in central London – are sparse and overwhelmed by demand.

I ask a young man called Henry, sat downstairs, why he is here.

The son of a wealthy businessman in Sichuan, China, married the Kenya Miss!!! This picture was shot when he returned to Guangdong to get together with the Chinese family. This young Chinese guy is from Fujian province and now lives in Congo, African. They open a restaurant there to make money, and the wife can even talk in Chinese.

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