Membership validatingpassword

To do all of this I reversed some of the if statements and returned as early as I could without losing functionality or creating monotony.

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VG Server is a new key module of Visual Guard security solution.

It consists in a group of web services, that you install on your server to expose some access control services for your applications. Net applications that cannot directly access the VG repository (applications designed to be used in Extranet or Intranet).

Security New encryption system for the repository Performance Major optimization of the memory consumed by the VG runtime Windows Admin Console User duplication: Use existing Account as a template Deployment wizard The Deployment wizard now supports deleting shared roles.

Power Builder Application The VG 2016 Setup now includes a PB sample and a connection to the VG Repository via a proxy.

If you needed some output, you could use Besides all the other useful answers, I would suggest splitting up the password validation from the HTML generation.

You could define an enum with values for the different types of errors success and return one of those.

Windows SSO for web applications You can now use the Windows session authentication to access a web application.

New group management When a user belongs to multiple groups, it’s possible to select the group(s) according to the context of the current session.

Custom Modules You can now add custom Identity Modules to Visual Guard.

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