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To get there, use the Navigation icons in the Navigation Pane, the Go menu or by pressing CTRL 6 on your keyboard.

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If you use Gmail in Outlook and are on IMAP, it's possible that your contacts and calendar entries in Outlook are in a "cached" OST file in your computer.

Most backup programs do not back up this file by default, you must select the directory it's being stored.

As of Dec 16, 2016 I updated a new blog now about "How to setup Gmail in Outlook" as there are so many security issues and people having problems getting through the security.

People have an "apps password" and it's causing issues connecting with Outlook.

I have found many clients with years of data in these very unsafe OST files.

If you want my help moving your entries to a safe PST file, we can schedule an appointment.

I will let you know that I have received 100's of emails with questions from folks here on Linked In about their issues.

This published article has almost 85,000 views in 2 years!

But the software giant did not say exactly what the cause of the issues were, or why the faulty patch was initially released.

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