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You never know who is going to stop in, don't miss your chance to help these local and regional "comics" hone their skills!

In 2012, he was tapped to host the National College Competition presented by TBS at both Michigan State and the University of Michigan.

The Duluth Tribune raved about Beningo’s act, saying “he prides himself in clean material, and is extremely funny.” His energetic act centers around growing up as the middle child, technology, life as a college student, fast food restaurants, and a short lived career as a middle school teacher.

Around this time efforts are under way to get the cult program a berth on an American network, however Sci-Fi Channel rejects it for the entire first two seasons on its revival run.

The following Doctor Who episodes were returned to the air on BBC America in December 2009.

Originally set to end in 2004, the success of the third season forces Nickelodeon to renew the series for a fourth season.

The controversial final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise is broadcast in the United States on UPN, ending an 18-year, uninterrupted run of four consecutive or concurrent Star Trek series dating back to 1987.

Soon afterward, fan efforts begin in order to save the show, climaxing in a campaign that raises more than million (US) towards funding further production, an offer Paramount ultimately rejects.

After a 16-year hiatus, Doctor Who returns to BBC television in the UK.

Viacom launches Logo, a TV channel intended for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults.

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