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'I don't think these are good men.'More than 100 women of varying ages use this guesthouse's rooms for sex work (priced at K50/hour (A) or K150/overnight (A), according to the establishments owner, who spoke openly on the condition his name was not published.Although free condoms are provided in the rooms and the bed sheets washed after each use, he says it is up to the parties involved to protect themselves from disease.

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She went home with a German man she met at a local nightclub who gave her K600 (A$285) after spending an hour and a half having sex with her.

He wanted to see her again and gave her his phone number but she misplaced it.

'He said I did everything right,' she says wistfully.

'I take money from guys but not here,' she says, 'I look for a fellow here, one who is going to help me.

'I came in here and I started drinking beer and going with the men. I'm still drinking beer like this but I'm trying my best to change myself and not be like this. I have no husband and that's why I'm f***ing around.

Sometimes I regret it, sometimes I enjoy myself with my friends. One of the catalysts for Susan's choice of work dates back to early in her 'career' .Bertha, aged in her 40s, is matter-of-fact about the role she plays in the young girls' lives as she negotiates the prices customers will pay for sex with them and dispenses condoms and 'safe sex' advice.While the exact number of sex workers in PNG is not known, the United Nations has estimated that as many as two in three girls aged between 15 and 24 in Papua New Guinea have exchanged sex for money, food, shelter - or even payment school fees.The same survey showed almost 80 per cent of sex workers had been sexually abused in the previous year, 70 per cent had been raped in the few months leading up to the survey and about half had been raped multiple times in that period.The rapes were mainly by customers (63 per cent), but the girls' regular boyfriends or husbands were almost as often the culprits (61 per cent), followed by members of the country's notorious street gangs, known as Rascals (31 per cent).Despite the ever-present threat of HIV/AIDS, with the most recent reports suggest rates are increasing at almost 30% a year in parts of PNG, grinning potential customers wait to take the young sex workers to a private room 'If a girl goes skin-on-skin she is not thinking about her life,' says Bertha.

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