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The summer will be much better and you will have no problems finding sex in Ulaanbaatar whether you want to try mongering or picking girls up in more traditional ways.

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Some good malls to target are State Department Store, Max Mall, and Sky Department Store.

Street approaches can be done as well as long as you are polite and back off if she isn’t receptive, but make sure you are in a nice area of town when trying this.

Remember in Asia sometimes girls are too shy to ask for money, if you meet girls that are probably hookers you should pay them a little something either way.

A couple of well known pick up bars that attract prostitutes in Ulaanbaatar are Strings and the Naadam Bar at the Shangri La.

There will be some hardcore freelance prostitutes working in those bars, and other girls who wouldn’t mind getting some cash or finding a boyfriend.

It isn’t hard to pick these girls up at all, sometimes they might ask for money sometimes not.The language barrier will be a real issue so remember to speak slowly.Good places to meet girls in Ulaanbaatar nightlife would be pick up bars or nightclubs like: The more foreigners you see around you the more likely it is that there are hookers in the club.If you want to try finding girls for sex in Ulaanbaatar do yourself a favor and come in the summer not the winter.The winter weather is brutal and will make things very difficult on you.If it feels too easy you might want to give them a little extra ‘taxi money’ when they leave in the morning.

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